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iPad 3 Glass & LCD Repair

Everyone is happy when the iPad 3 device is working well and in a good state. The most painful and disappointing problem of an iPad tablet is when the screen gets cracked or damaged. This is a real pain. But it can be replaced and restored to working again just like new. We have experienced technicians and engineers who are skilled in the repair of iPad 3 Glass & LCD repair.


The touch screen on the iPad 3 is fragile and extremely complicated and it is in two parts. On the top is a thin layer glass which is made to protect the front part of the iPad 3 from getting damaged. This is what allows you to visibly see your iPad. Just below the glass is an LCD screen that is responsible for the touch functionality and it provides the high-resolution picture quality you are used to seeing.


When using the iPad 3, you have to be careful in its handling because any little fall or drop can cause a big damage to the LCD glass and screen on an iPad 3 tablet. It is very easy to know if the screen is broken or damaged as you will see some scratches or sign of breakage on the screen surface. It is also possible for the LCD part of the screen to beak and get damaged without actually the glass getting damaged.


Some of the major signs of any broken LCD screen are:

  • There can be total loss of touch screen functionality
  • Less sensitive touch screen
  • Screen with spotted appearance
  • Visibility of Multi-colored Lines in the screen e.g. blue, red, black or green
  • The screen remains dim and dull.
  • Black screen (no display)


In most cases, there are two-in-one repairs problems in iPad 3 device since both the LCD and the Screen can get damaged at same time. We will help fix this problem for you and you will start enjoying your iPad 3 tablets once more like the new one. We use the latest technology to diagnose and detect the problem and provide a suitable solution to solving or fixing your iPad 3's problems.


The whole repair process takes only 24 hrs from receipt. We also guarantee all the replacement parts or components for 90 days. All our services are covered with insurance but this does not include accidental damage.


You can send us your iPad 3 tablets for repairs through UPS ground service freely without paying any charge and we also return the fixed phone to you without paying any dime. All you need to pay is the repair or replacement charges.


Send us a mail today and we will respond to you with the details of how to send the phone to us and the service details.


We are always ready to satisfy the taste of our customers and clients.

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