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iPad Mini 3 LCD Screen Repair

Are you seeing dark spots or blurry pixel lines on your iPad Mini 3 screen? If you have this kind of problem or any other issues listed below, you may have a faulty or damaged inner LCD screen on your iPad. This can happen if there's been a fall or drop of your device. This can affect the inner screen and can result in interference with the entire function of your device. When there is a problem like this, you will need to replace your iPad Mini 3 LCD screen.


The iPad Mini 3 LCD screen was designed to work with only your generation of the iPad. If fixed by the experts at iFixYouri, it will get your iPad working and looking like brand new again.


We have iPad Mini 3 LCD screens readily available in stock – we only stock the highest quality; our reputable and experienced technicians provide expert repair your device.


Here are some of the symptoms of LCD screen problems:

  • It usually starts with a blurry screen and the sharpness can not be corrected
  • Noticeable screen spots which can’t even be removed by cleaning.
  • Video doesn't play at all or display well.
  • The screen is dark in some places or all over and it is difficult to adjust.
  • The screen can be grey or black sometimes and can’t turn on.
  • Colored lines, blue, black, green, and red seen all over the screen.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, this is the service you need. Our technicians are available to assist you with all your iPad problems. There is no problem outside their experience. First they run a full diagnostic to see if any other issues are related. We use only top quality parts which are guaranteed for a 90 day period. We maintain a turn around period of 24 hrs and love to provide excellent customer service.


Whatever the screen problem is, our team of technicians can fix it with this repair. Your iPad Mini 3 LCD Screen will be replaced or repaired to a perfect working condition once again for only a fraction of the cost of replacing it with a brand new one.


In order to assure you of quality service delivery to our customers, we have a return policy and our repair services come with 100% warranties of 90 days for all replacement parts and components. In addition, we also provide $100 shipping insurance policy on all iPad Mini 3's at no additional charge.


Add this service to your cart today, and choose your preferred delivery method. We send you a shipping label, and the rest you can leave in our hands! Painless.

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