iPhone 3G Glass and LCD Repair



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iPhone 3G Glass and LCD Repair

Have you cracked the glass on your iPhone 3G and now the LCD screen is not working? If your iPhone 3G was dropped or struck hard enough to crack or break the glass, chances are you may have damaged the LCD screen as well (Please Note: Unlike the iPhone 4 model, the 3G glass is not glued to the LCD, so a crack could just mean the screen needs replaced). Damage to both can happen a number of different ways; if your iPhone was dropped, the impact from a high fall could damage the glass and LCD screen, or if it was stepped on or crushed under something heavy you would get the same results.

You don’t need to worry though; iFixYouri.com specialize in iPhone repair and these damages to your iPhone 3G are common to us. We use high quality parts for our repairs too, so your iPhone 3G will look brand new when we’re finished repairing it. Whether you want to order the replacement parts and DIY or you’d prefer our specially trained technicians to make the repairs for you, we offer everything you’ll need.

If you choose to use our iPhone 3G repair services, our professional team of technicians will run a complete diagnostic test on your iPhone to pinpoint what the exact malfunctions are. They will then replace your damaged parts and make any necessary repairs to you iPhone using high quality parts. You won’t have to wait long either, because we will have your phone shipped back to you within 24 hours of receiving it. You will also be sent an email confirming your iPhone 3G has been repaired and is shipping back to you. You will even be able to track your package via the email information we email to you. Once your fully functioning iPhone arrives at your door, good as new, you will have to sign for it. This is just another way we protect you and your iPhone.

We stand behind our premium products and excellent repair service. We provide warranty service on The iPhone 3G Glass and LCD repair. You will get a 90 day warranty with the LCD screen and a 1 year warranty with your new Apple glass. If you have any issues with the parts we have repaired while they are under warranty we will fix or replace it. We value our customers and strive to provide you with excellent service, quality parts, and skilled repair staff.

Get Protected:
1 year 3G Full Coverage Protection Plan 1 year 3G Screen Only Protection Plan

Would you like to perform a DIY repair on your iPhone 3G LCD and Glass?

DIY Repair level:


iPhone Parts use for replacement:
Phillips #00 screwdriver
Small suction cup

Make sure you are using high quality glass or your screen may seem jumpy and not respond to touch as accurately as it previously did. Be very careful not to sever the cable ribbon when removing the glass and LCD screen. Be sure to reattach the cable ribbon securely before screwing LCD screen and glass back in place.If there is not LCD damage, then a less expensive iPhone 3G glass repair is needed. We run a diagnostics test upon arrival but it helps when the process when everything is ordered the correct way.


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