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The iPhone 4s camera is one of the most impressive cell phone cameras on the market today. The iPhone 4s camera can capture an 8 megapixel picture and records videos at 1080p. This part is definitely a feature of the phone that is hard to go without. Fortunately the skilled technicians at iFixYouri are here for all your iPhone and other smart phone needs. All parts iFixYouri uses are high quality, so once fixed the camera will be good as new. A few issues that could indicate the camera needs to be replaced are the shutter not opening, pictures being taken blurry, and the flash staying on constantly. iFixYouri’s repair process is very simple, just add the repair to your shopping cart and you are on your way back to a working camera. Once you have gone through the checkout process, please mail the device to our nation wide mail in center. This is a short term repair and takes about 24 hours to complete and mail back. Once iFixYouri ships the package back, we will even email you your UPS tracking number to track the package. Please feel free to contact iFixYouri’s mail in center, if you have any questions regarding this or any other iPhone 4s repair. iFixYouri has a very knowledgeable staff and are more then happy to help with any questions you might have.

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