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True depot repair solutions for companies, organizations, and schools of any size.

Did you know?

cracked water damaged tablet and phoneiFixYouri provides business solutions to corporations and companies across the country! We offer discounted rates and bulk-rate repair services for many dealers, schools and large businesses. You can use both our mail-in and our walk-in repair facilities to get your company devices fixed! We can repair your devices quickly, minimize down time, and save your company significant amounts of money.

All of our corporate accounts enjoy the direct communication of truly one-to-one interaction. One corporate account manager will be available directly to you, providing status updates and facilitating communication of any necessary information throughout the entire repair process.

Repair for schools

Schools and school districts are another group that iFixYouri can provide with substantial cost and time savings. the education world relies heavily on technology today. iFixYouri can provide large-scale repair of any devices, keeping them where they belong, in the hands of the learners and educators.

Repair for companies

iFixYouri works with a wide range of companies across many industries. No matter which devices your company has that require repair and regular maintenance, iFixYouri can work with you to meet the requirements of your specific program.

Repair for organizations & charities

If your non-profit or other organization needs a bulk repair solution, look no further than iFixYouri. We have the experience to provide the repairs needed to keep things running smoothly.

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