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You’re so protective over your beautiful iPad Pro, you go pale when anyone sets a drink down next to it. Try as you might, the inevitable can happen. Like any device, the 9.7” iPad Pro is vulnerable to spills, quick dunks, or a drop in a swimming pool. Generally, once there is water inside the iPad, the functionality will get messed up...and only gets worse. There are few basic things that can be done to reduce the damage.


  • Do not attempt to charge or turn on the device. Turn it off if the power is still on.
  • Take a microfibre cloth or paper towel and wipe the entire device dry.
  • Place the device in a container with silica gel packets or beads (available at hardware stores).
  • Do not use any heat sources, like a hair dryer or an over, to try to dry up the moisture. The heat can damage the inner circuits.
  • Get your device looked at professionally as soon as possible. Water damage can lead to slow device death (via corrosion of internal components).


There’s not much you can do at home if water gets inside the device. It can be completely dry externally but totally soaked on the inside. The best solution is to go for iPad Pro 9.7” Water Damage Repair Service. Our technicians know how to tackle these situations and recover your device from the mishap. The team will get back to you with a detailed report on the problem and the resulting charges that will be incurred. You may choose to the repairs or get back your device without repair.

*NOTE: If you decline repairs for diagnostic or water damage treatment or your device is deemed non-repairable, you will be responsible for shipping and handling.

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