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iPad 3 Dock Connector Repair

The charging port is one of the vital components of iPad 3 mobile devices. It is also called the charging slot and it is located at the bottom edge of the iPad 3 in the middle.

The only problem usually seen with it is that it can be damaged by liquid or dirt or pocket lint.


Below are some of the problems you can have with the iPad 3 dock connector:


  • The port can no longer make a secure connection with any charging cable. 
  • Is your iPad 3 unable to synchronize with iTunes using any charging cable? 
  • Is your iPad 3 having charging problems or not charging as fast as it did when you first bought it?


If you have been noticing any of the problems or anything else out of the ordinary with the charging port on your iPad 3, we can assist you to fix your device with our iPad 3 Dock Repair. Just send it to us!


Add our service to your cart through our order page. You will receive an email from us with details of how to send it to us. You can send your iPad 3 tablet to us through any courier of your choice or simply choose UPS ground service. Sending and receiving through our UPS ground shipping is free. Turnaround is within 24 hours.  


Once it is received, we diagnose and troubleshoot it to detect the actual problem. If it is the one we can repair, we fix it but if it is a fault that needs replacement, we will replace it with the exact original part which is always guaranteed for a period of 90 days warranty. Once we are convinced that the lightning port is working perfectly, we package and send it back to you. You will get a shipping confirmation and a tracking number from us informing you that your repairs are complete.


We have been in the business of repairing all types of problems with iPad 3, you can always call on us to get your problem solved! 

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