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iPad 3 Speaker Repair

If you are facing the following issues:

  • No or low sound from speaker
  • Sound from speaker randomly goes on and off
  • Loads of static and less of actual sound

Then it is time to order iPad 3 Speaker Repair Service.


Is your iPad 3 speaker not working as brand new? If you’re experiencing the aforementioned issues with the speaker, it is time to fix. You don’t have to buy the hi-tech equipment and repair it for yourself. We do that for you at very affordable prices. Let our professionals fix your iPad speaker.


We offer iPad 3 Speaker Repair service so you can use your device as brand new with a better experience.


When will you know it is time to repair the speaker? If the sound from speaker isn’t as good as it is from headphones. If the sound is still not fine with the headphones on, then you should order our iPad 3 Diagnostic Service to know what the issue is. Through this service, not just the sound system but any other issue will be detected and repaired.


Why choose us?

  • Years of experience & expertise
  • Service completion within 24 hours of receiving your device!
  • Quality servicing with 90 days warranty
  • No extra charges for shipping
  • Easy one-page check-out
  • Best customer support pre and post delivery

iPad 3 is a necessary device for freelancers and corporates too. We know how difficult it is for you to imagine a day or 2 without your device. So make use of our 24 hour delivery service and get the problem solved without much hassle. Simply place the order and we’ll collect the iPad 3 from you. Fix it and deliver back to you.


Please note that if more problems are detected in the device, it may take more than 24 hours for the repair/replacement/servicing to be done!


If you have any questions regarding your iPad 3, write to us at support@ifixyouri.com or call us at 888-494-4349.

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