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iPad 4 Glass & LCD Repair

The touch screen of iPad 4 is fragile and must be handled with care. It is done with advanced technology and it consists of 2 parts. Located on the top is a thin layer of protective glass which is designed to protect the surface of iPad 4 from getting damaged. This glass allows user to clearly see and use the iPad 4. Below the glass lies the LCD screen which provides the touch functions and the high-resolution pictures and displays.


The glass and the LCD screen should be well looked after, they can become damaged if they suffer a fall. You can easily notice when the glass is broken because you will see scratches and broken lines signs on the iPad’s surface. Another thing is that, the LCD can be broken without the glass getting damaged.


For a better understanding, below are signs of a broken LCD:

  • Total loss of touch screen functions
  • Less sensitivity of the touch screen
  • Screen becomes Blurry and with spotted appearance
  • Lines in blue, green, red or black are visibly found on the screen
  • There is dim screen and won't brighten


If your iPad 4 glass and the LCD screen are faulty and you need it fixed, our glass and LCD repair service is the perfect deal for you. We will service and repair it to look as it was in the original state. We will always diagnose all problems first. We will replace all broken parts with high quality replacements and get your iPad 4 up working again and looking like a new one.


This diagnostic & repair process takes only 24 hours, so there is no long waiting time to have your iPad 4 fixed. It is an easy process. Send your iPad 4 to us for repair. You can bring it in person to a walk-in location or ship it to us. You can send it to us through UPS Ground service without no additional payment.


Our well trained and experienced technicians will handle all your iPad 4 LCD screen and glass repairs and replacements for you and you can rest assured knowing that your job is done well with a 1 year warranty on glass and 90 day warranty on all other replacement parts. We do outgoing tests on all the repairs to make sure it is working well before we deliver to you.


To get the best repair, fixing and replacement of your damaged iPad 4 LCD screen and glass, please contact us now. We are proud to provide great customer service, quality repair, and the perfect solution to your iPad 4 repair needs.

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