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iPad 4 Glass Screen Replacement

The screen of a device is one of the main components which plays an important role towards operating it. However it can be susceptible to damage and malfunction. Once the screen becomes unresponsive the entire usage of the device goes plummets.


Some of these issues that can crop up are as follows:

  • The touch sensitivity might reduce.
  • Certain parts of the device can be totally unresponsive to touch.
  • The digitizer can be damaged which will lead to unresponsiveness in the screen
  • The glass might break or crack giving a bad appearance and reduces the normal functionality of the device.

Expert Solution

Replacing your iPad 4 because of a broken screen is expensive and unnecessary. Enlist the help of iFixYouri's iPad 4 Screen Replacement Service to ensure the restoration of a new screen or LCD for seamless performance.


The experts have years of experience providing repair services to satisfied customers and ensure a device with 100% functionality.


You can select any shipping method but the UPS ground service will allow you to ship the device free of cost.


Select an insurance coverage for extra protection of your device.


Once the device has been received the team, a thorough analysis will be done by the experts.


A mail will be sent to you within 24 hours detailing the repairs that need to be done.


You can choose to go with the cost and repair your iPad 4 or receive it without any repairs.


Once the repairs have been made, a test will be done to check the functionalities of the device and once the team is 100% satisfied, they will return your device.


You can feel free to get in touch with the experts at any time to know the status of your device.


iPad Repair

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