iPad 4 Headphone Jack Repair



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iPad 4 Headphone Jack Repair

You might be listening to music from your iPad 4 on your headphones, suddenly the music stopped and interrupted with a loud crackle. Do you know that the thought of malfunction could be shocking?


Do you know that your audio interruption is caused by a problem with your Headphone Jack Plug?


The term headphone jack or headphone plug refers to both male and female metal connectors that come in various sizes. The malfunction of a simple headphone jack can be a big headache.


Below are some causes:


The female part of a headphone jack can cause failure because it us an opening into the inner circuitry of the iPad 4. This component can easily become bent and lose connection.


Dust, sand or water can get inside the headphone jack and cause a problem.


If there is excessive moisture or liquid gets inside the device via the headphone jack, a small LED light will change from white to red to indicate unacceptable moisture levels. Such indication can cause the device to shut down to avoid further damage.


It can come from bad connection that comes from the spreading of the internal metal contacts. This can be the reason for most repair requests or returns of iPad 4. 


Our time tested and professional technicians can handle the repair or replacement of the headphone jacks and get your iPad 4 back to full performance again without problem in just 24hrs.


Our well trained and experienced technicians will handle all your iPad 4 headphone jack repairs and replacements for you and you can rest assured that your job is done well with guarantee. We do a test on all the outgoing devices to make sure they are working well before delivery.


If you should have any questions about this service, please contact customer support at support@ifixyouri.com or call us at 888-494-4349. All replacement parts are covered by a 90 day warranty (excludes accidental damage).

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