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iPad 4 Speaker Repair

Almost 10 out of 100 cases of non-accidental related problems of iPad 4 affect the speakers. We have worked on various speaker problems which include:

  • Total loss of sound on the speaker
  • Poor sound output with static or a very low tone
  • Frequent loss of sound with music and audio starting and stopping

If you have been experiencing the above problems, try listening to your iPad 4 using an external device or your headphones. If the sound is fine, then you will need to change or replace the device speaker. Our iPad 4 technicians are your solution to fix the fault or replacement of the speaker. Our repair technicians will do a comprehensive diagnosis to pin down any other problems and then repair it.


With vast experience in speaker related problems, we assure you that no speaker related problem is out of our expertise. Our turnaround time is within 24hrs for this service, so you'll have your device back quickly.


We use only high quality components in all our repairs to get best results. All replacement parts are covered by a 90 day warranty which covers all but accidental damage.


We provide free shipping when you use our UPS Ground shipping option. With our $100 shipping insurance policy, your device is protected from any harm, damage or theft when you deal with us. The whole process of ordering is very simple. Just purchase the service and you will automatically get an email with service and shipping details which you will follow to get your iPad 4 to us for repair.


Our customer service is exceptional! You shall be contacted via email as soon as we are done with the repair. Your iPad 4 is sent to you after testing to ensure it is satisfactory.


Choose us today for the best quality speaker replacement and repair and enjoy quality sound from your iPad 4. For any questions about this service, email us at support@ifixyouri.com or contact us at 888-494-4349.

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