iPad 4 Mute-Rotate Lock Switch Repair



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iPad 4 Mute/Rotate Lock Repair

iPad 4 Mute/Lock Buttons can malfunction when you have used it repeatedly or can also be a fault or manufacturer defect. What can be the problems? Is the switch above the volume buttons not working properly? Can it lock your screen orientation or mute? Are you hearing sound from your iPad 4? Does the switch work only erratically?


Some of the symptoms are:

  • Cannot lock the screen orientation
  • Cannot mute your iPad 4’s sound
  • It randomly or sometimes mutes your iPad 4’s sound on/off

If you are encountering any of these problems while using the iPad 4’s mute/rotate lock switch, we can repair the problem for you. Sometimes it can happen when there is worn out mechanical switches resulting from daily usage. These are common problems we can fix or repair for you so no need to worry.


Our competent engineers and technicians are up to the task. We have high quality parts, covered by 90 day warranty, to fix or replace all your iPad 4 Mute/Rotate Lock Repair problems. Our technicians will quickly and professionally repair your iPad 4 Mute/Rotate Lock button and get it back to you safely and in fully working condition.


We take our business seriously; we demonstrate this by first making your damaged iPad 4 to undergo a full diagnostic test. This is to ascertain the exact problem and then offer the best solution or remedy. The solution can be to either repair or replace the faulty part, and then test it to ensure that it is in perfect condition before we ship it to you. Turnaround is within a period of 24 hrs.


Our customers have always enjoyed our services as we always consider their satisfaction first through quality services with quality parts using skilled repair technicians.


To send us your iPad 4 for repair, add this service to cart and mail us your device with the supplied shipping label.


We give warranties on all jobs completed and we also guarantee fixing or replacing any part that fails while still under 90 day warranty, including all but accidental damage.


Contact us today with any questions or send your faulty iPad 4 for repair. To get more details on how to get our services, send us an email to support@ifixyouri.com or Call us at 888-595-4349.

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