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iPad Air Back Cover Repair

An iPad is one of your favorite possessions and you'd never want anything to go wrong with it. But, it is a device which can come across many accidents and these accidents might leave their marks on it. Let’s say you are on your way and it falls from your hand and hits the floor. The back cover can get serious dents on it or become loose, potentially exposing inner components to further damage. So what do you do in such a case? Repair is the wisest choice and you have the iPad Air Back Cover Repair Service just for your needs. Sometimes, the back cover can become dirty and the shiny appearance can be lost with time. So, how about a new back cover to give your iPad Air a whole new look and restored protection of the logic board and interior components?


The iPad Air Back Cover Repair Service offers the finest replacement products, all with a 90 day warranty, which covers everything but accidental damage.


So, how does it work?

All you need to do is ship us your iPad Air by selecting a shipping option. Choose either the free UPS ground service or a faster option if you prefer.


Once the product is received by the repair team, a complete diagnosis is done and the details are mailed with the respective charges for your review.


You can acknowledge it and go for the repair or simply get your product back without any repair.


Once the parts are replaced, your iPad Air will be tested by the team. After the team is satisfied, they will ship back the product.


You will get excellent customer service and a 90 day parts warranty which covers all but accidental damage.

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