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iPad Air Lightning Dock Repair

The port of any electronic device is pretty delicate and can be damaged or experience several issues while performing. Buying another iPad mini will be quite an expensive approach and definitely not your preferred solution. So what can be some of the most common problems with the port?

Problems with Port

  • Your device stops getting charged even when connected.
  • It won’t sync with iTunes for updates.
  • Connection fails every time once you connect the port of the device.
  • There may be something stuck in the port which will not come out easily.

It is impossible to work without having charge on your device. So, how can you solve it? Well, iPad Air Lightning Dock Repair Service provides a one stop solution to all such issues. The service works in a simple way and guarantees to ensure a problem free port experience.


  1. Purchase the service from the page.
  2. An email is sent once we receive the order.
  3. You can send the device using UPS (no charges applicable)
  4. The technicians will get back to you after a detailed study on the product and the problems that have taken place in the device.
  5. Recommendations can be made based on the requirements of new parts. You will get 90 days warranty on the new parts, excluding accidental damage.
  6. After all the repairs are made, the device will be tested by the team for a seamless performance.
  7. The device is delivered to you once the team is convinced that it is fully repaired without any errors remaining.

You will be completely satisfied with the service as the technicians have years of experience with iPad repair. So, next time make sure you know who to contact for your device’s lightning dock problems!

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