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iPad Air Power Button Repair

The power button of any device is extremely necessary to operate the device. Any glitch in this part of the device can actually make the whole device pretty worthless. There are times when the power button might not work properly. The probable issues that might crop up with the power button of the iPad Air are:

  • Even after pressing the button, it does not switch off or on.
  • The device automatically switches itself on or off.
  • The button cannot be clicked as it might be stuck.
  • The button does not function normally all the time.

These issues can hamper your normal activities and cause great nuisance. Buying another device just for the power button will be unnecessarily expensive. Instead you can go for a better option. The iPad Air Power Button Repair service is a solution to your iPad Air worries. The service works really simply.


How is the problem checked?

You ship your faulty device to the team after selecting a free insurance coverage of $100, using the including shipping label. The UPS ground service is absolutely free.


You will get a detailed mail within 24 hours regarding the issues with the power button after a careful analysis by the technicians. The replacement parts are high quality and have a 90 day guarantee period, which covers everything but accidental damage. You can even track your shipment from anywhere at any time.


Our customer support staff is waiting to field any questions you may have during the process. So contact them at support@ifixyouri.com or 888-494-4349.

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