iPad Air Water Damage Repair Service



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iPad Air Water Damage Repair Service


Even a quick underwater voyage can harm your iPad Air severely. Water is extremely detrimental to these delicate devices. Was your iPad Air left out in the rain? Was it dropped in the water accidentally? Did your toddler give it a swim in the fish tank? However your iPad Air made contact with the water, or any liquid, it needs delicate care to make it right again.


Surprisingly, Most of the iPads that are water damaged can be repaired. Many may believe iPads dropped in water are irreparable. However, our technical experience allows us to bring almost all of them back into service. If for some reason we are not successful at repairing your iPad Air, you'll get a reduced rate on your purchase. You'll also have the option to have us send back your tablet or to sell your broken tablet to us. We can use what's salvageable for parts, and you'll be able to make a little money toward the purchase of a new tablet.


Not matter how you dropped your iPad in the water and whatever device symptoms you are facing, we can fix them. You simply have to ship us your device. We will diagnose the issue and contact you with our findings and quote. With your go-ahead, we repair the device and ship your iPad back to you. If there is a need to replace any parts, only high quality parts are used.


Post-repair tests are aimed at making sure that the device is working properly and there isn't a single little glitch. Once the problem has been confirmed as fixed, we ship the device back to you. The shipping process is absolutely painless as you can keep track of your shipped package by shipping tracking information provided via email.


*NOTE: If you decline repairs for diagnostic or water damage treatment or your device is deemed non-repairable, you will be responsible for shipping and handling.

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