iPad Mini 2 Headphone Jack Repair



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iPad Mini 2 Headphone Jack Repair

Audio Headphone Jack replacement is a common problem of iPad Mini 2 device. If you have been experiencing sound coming out only from one ear bud or experiencing a cracking audio sound on your headphones, it is likely faulty and in need of replacement. Send your device to our experienced repair technicians to fix it for you to help get your tablet working like new once again.


We are aware of the annoyance and disappointment you will go through without headphone capability for even a day. We will assist you put the tablet in working condition. You will once again have a fully operational tablet to listen to your playlists, watch movies, etc.


We use top quality iPad Mini 2 parts or components to repair your damaged headphone jack. So choose iFixYouri if you experience any of these issues:


  • No sound from headphones
  • Static sound from headphones instead of actual sound
  • No sound/sound going in and out from headphones
  • iPad Mini 2 Headphone Jack physically/visibly damaged

If you are encountering any of the above problems, don't worry. Order our iPad Mini 2 Headphone Jack Repair now and you will be happy.


Send your device to us today for repair. All we need from you is to place your order and send us the device with the supplied shipping label. We will check and diagnose the problem, repair or replace the damaged parts and send it back to you. Do not worry about the delivery fee as standard shipping is included and we also have a 90 day warranty on the replaced parts of your iPad Mini 2.

All the services are done by our experienced technical team. Your device is shipped back to you within 24hrs.


You will be able to track your package very easily with the tracking code we send to you via email. This will be done through Ups ground service. For more details about this service, call 888-494-4349 or email support@ifixyouri.com.

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