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iPad Mini 2 Microphone Repair

With our iPad Mini 2 Microphone Repair, you get the advantage of having your device repaired by a group of professionals with years of experience diagnosing and fixing smart device problems. We use the latest equipment to run diagnostic tests and we use only premium parts that are warrantied for 90 days.


Because we have the right equipment and tools and have so much experience, we're able to get an iPad Mini 2 microphone problem repaired in 24 hours or less! If we find your tablet has any other issues, we'll send you an email and tell you what's going on, so that you can decide if you want to make additional repairs as needed.


iFixYouri offers affordable pricing on our iPad Mini 2 Microphone Repair service. Not only are our rates low, but we also pay the cost for UPS Ground shipping both to and from our location for you. As an added benefit, we even pay for $100 of shipping insurance to protect your device while it's in transit. For customers who want faster shipping or more insurance, we make those options available for a small additional charge.


Does your iPad Mini 2 have any of these issues?

  • When you facetime on your iPad Mini 2, the person on the other end complains that they can't hear you, saying that your voice is cutting in and out, is muffled or that they hear static.
  • Any time that you try to give a voice command or use Siri on your iPad Mini 2, your instructions aren't recognized. This happens even if you speak slowly or have someone else try to issue the command.
  • Whenever you record a video with your iPad Mini 2, the sound comes out muffled, you hear lots of static, the sound cuts in or out or there is no sound at all.

These issues are symptoms of a broken iPad Mini 2 microphone, an issue that can make it hard, even annoying, to use your tablet. The good news is that a broken mic can be repaired quickly and easily with the iPad Mini 2 Microphone Repair from iFixYouri.


You can purchase our iPad Mini 2 Microphone Repair service right away and get ready to have your tablet fixed now. As soon as you've completed checkout, you'll get an email confirmation with a shipping label attached for quick and simple printing. Purchase the service now!

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