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iPad Mini Lightning Dock Repair

The lighting charging port is one of the newer innovations that Apple is using in their mobile devices. It's a fancy name for what you might call the charging port or charging slot, and it's located on the bottom edge of your iPad in the middle.


While the lighting port allows iPad Mini tablets to sync and charge faster and more efficiently than other tablets on the market, it can malfunction or break. You don't even have to drop or bump your iPad Mini for it to happen. Dust or contact with a little bit of water is enough to cause it to fail.


Here are some of the problems you may have with the lighting port:


  • Something has gotten stuck inside of it and won't come out.
  • The port no longer makes a secure connection with any lighting charging cable.
  • Your iPad Mini will not sync with iTunes with any lightning charging cable.
  • Your iPad Mini is no longer charging or not charging as quickly as it did when it was new.


If you're noticing any of these problems or anything else out of the ordinary with the lighting port on your iPad Mini, iFixYouri can fix your tablet with our iPad Mini Lightning Dock Repair. Here's how it works:


  1. You purchase our service right here on this order page.
  2. You receive an email with a label to print out. It's addressed to us and pre-paid for your convenience.
  3. You drop your packaged iPad Mini off at a UPS shipping center or have it picked up somewhere convenient.
  4. We receive your iPad Mini. Our technicians begin to work on it within 24 hours, using diagnostic equipment and specialized tests to troubleshoot.
  5. Our technicians uncover the cause of the problem. Repairs are made. If necessary, parts are replaced with brand new parts that are guaranteed by a 90-day warranty.
  6. When repairs are finished, we test your iPad Mini. Once we're certain the lightning port is working perfectly, we package it back up and send it on its way back to you.
  7. You receive a shipping confirmation that tells you that the repairs are complete. A tracking number is provided, so you can see where your iPad Mini is as it makes its way back to you.


With iPad Mini Lightning Dock Repair from iFixYouri, you won't have to pay for UPS ground shipping in either direction, and you can be absolutely certain that the repair job will be done right the first time. Our technicians have years of experience diagnosing and repairing all types of problems with iPads, so even if the lightning port isn't to blame, you can count on us to get your problem solved!

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