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iPad Mini LCD Screen Repair

The iPad Mini is incredibly well made, but tablet parts do malfunction. The LCD screen on the mini tablet is one part that's especially prone to damage and problems. In fact, about one-fourth of all non-accident related iPad problems affect the screen!

So how can you tell if the LCD iPad Mini screen is ailing? Here are some surefire signs:

  • The screen is starting to look blurry, and you can't correct the problem by adjusting the sharpness.
  • You notice spots on the screen that can't be removed by cleaning.
  • Videos are not playing at all, displaying properly or appear pixelated.
  • You occasionally or constantly see blue, green, black or red lines on the screen.
  • The screen is dark in places or dark all over and cannot be adjusted.
  • The screen is all grey or does not turn on at all.


While all of these LCD problems can get in your way of using your iPad Mini, they can all be repaired with our iPad Mini LCD Repair Service.


With our affordable repair service, you can have your iPad Mini LCD screen replaced or restored to perfect working order for a fraction of what you'll pay for a whole new iPad Mini. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and a series of tests to determine exactly what's causing the problem with your iPad Mini. Once we figure out what's going on, our technicians repair the existing screen or replace it or its components with brand new, premium quality parts. Then, we test the iPad Mini thoroughly to make sure that everything is like new and send it back to you.


Here's the best part--we do it all within 24 hours of when we receive it from you via UPS. You don't even have to pay for shipping to us or return shipping when you select UPS Ground as your carrier!


You can get on your way to having your iPad Mini repaired now very easily. Just select which inbound and outbound shipping methods you prefer from the drop-down boxes above. We provide $100 of insurance coverage on the iPad at no additional charge. To increase the amount, you can use the box below the shipping info. Once everything is just how you want it, click "Add to Cart" and complete your purchase.


After you've paid, check your email for a shipping label to print and tape onto the box that you package your iPad Mini it. Drop it off at a UPS shipping center or arrange for pick-up via UPS at home, and get the tablet on its way to us. We'll get to work on it as soon as it arrives.


For answers to any questions you may have, fill in the box below, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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