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iPad Mini Glass Repair


We all love using iPad Minis and no doubt they are a great entertainment and education source. But a little bit of mishandling is all it takes, and your iPad screen can be completely cracked. If your iPad Mini has experienced an accident it is time to send it to iFixYouri, a reliable service center which will provide you the best of repair services. Get in touch with us if you are experiencing one or more of the following problems with your iPad Mini:


  • Broken glass The glass of the iPad Mini could be damaged either from a corner or the entire screen could look like a spider’s web. It is important to get it repaired or you might get a cut on your finger, or particles may penetrate other components, causing further internal damage. In this situation the LCD screen needs to be replaced.
  • Non-functional touch panel The touch panel of your iPad Mini allows you to use your finger to provide input. There might be a situation when the touch screen of your iPad doesn’t respond to the touch. Any situation of this sort can be easily handled by concerned technicians, who with their expertise can repair it and give it a new look.
  • Dead digitizer You might find that there are some areas on your screen which go dead or and do not respond to your touch, this is because of dead digitizer. You need to get it replaced from a genuine repair service center.


Get in touch with an experienced and trained iFixYouri professional repair technician who will provide you quality services to give your old iPad Mini a like-new look. By repairing an old device, you are actually making an environmentally conscious choice. In this modern era, our lives become reliant on our smart device functionality, we need them for work, connecting with others and simply enjoyment. This service will bring the full functionality of your device back to you. Repairing your iPad Mini also ends up saving you money as it is cheaper to get it repaired than buy a new one. Add this service to your shopping cart to let the pros at iFixYouri fix your broken glass.

At iFixYouri, we make getting an iPad Mini screen repaired as quick and easy as possible. Here's how it works:

  1. You select the method of inbound and outbound shipping that you prefer. Choose UPS ground, and we'll pay to have your iPad Mini sent to us and back to you. That's right: our standard UPS Ground shipping is completely free! Need to get your tablet back faster? Select an expedited in-bound shipping method for a small additional fee.
  2. Choose your insurance protection. We automatically insure the shipment for $100 for free, but you can purchase additional coverage if you wish.
  3. Click "Add to Cart," and if you're finished shopping, click the green "Proceed to Checkout" button in the pop-up box.
  4. Pay for your order, and you'll quickly receive an email with the shipping label for you to put on your box. Send it to us via UPS.
  5. Once we receive your iPad Mini, we will repair the screen within 24 hours and get it sent back to you right away.
  6. Receive your iPad Mini with its brand new screen. Sign for the package when UPS delivers it and start enjoying using your table again!

Our skilled technicians here at iFixYouri can handle any iPad Mini screen repair job, no matter how damaged the glass is! We stand behind the quality of our work 100 percent with warranties to ensure your complete satisfaction.


If you have questions about our iPad Mini screen repair service, feel free to contact us at 888-494-iFix (4349) or by completing the form below. Otherwise, get on the path to having your iPad Mini's screen restored by purchasing our repair service now!

iPad Repair

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