iPhone 3Gs DIY Glass Repair Kit



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This kit comes with new glass, digitizer, full frame adhesive, and the tools to help you with your 3Gs repair!


DIY repair level: Difficult


DIY iPhone Parts Needed: 
3Gs factory Glass 
3Gs digitizer

Full Frame adhesive 

Tools Required:
Metal Spudger
Phillips #00 Screwdriver
Small Suction Cup
Heat gun or hair dryer


1) Make sure the adhesive covers the entire frame in one piece, keeping dust out and ensuring that the glass is properly sealed to the frame.

2) Make sure you use original Apple Parts or your iPhone will not respond to touch as accurately as it did when it was new, the screen may act 'jumpy,' or your iPhone may run slower than it normally does.

3) The home button should be flush with the glass and iPhone glass should be flush with the metal frame. Original Apple Glass will have the factory feel and not stick out. If the home button is not flush, the repair was not done correctly. 

4) There should not be any streaks or dust under the glass after repair.


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