iPhone 4 Rear Camera Repair



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iPhone 4 Rear Camera Repair

Are you suffering from camera letdown? You know what we mean--something happens, and you get excited, thinking "I can take a picture of that!" But then, the photo either comes out looking terrible or you remember that you can't take the picture at all because your camera's malfunctioning or broken. Well, now, you can put a stop to camera letdown for good without having to pay for a pricey new phone with iPhone 4 Rear Camera Repair Service from iFixYouri!


With iPhone 4 Rear Camera Repair Service, our team of technicians can fix any problem that's affecting the rear camera on the back of the iPhone

  • Some common problems that occur with the phone's rear camera include:

  • Camera function will not turn on at all
  • Camera turns on but will not take photos in rear position
  • LED flash stays on all the time or never comes on
  • Shutter is constantly closed on the camera
  • Photos come out black, blurry or with a mark on them like a crack or spot

Our team of technicians have years of experience repairing iPhone 4 smartphones and will find the root of these and any other rear camera problems quickly. We have state of the art equipment and cutting edge tools at our disposal for troubleshooting and making repairs, so we can find out what's wrong and get the problem solved within 24 hours of when we receive your phone. If we need to replace broken parts, we'll use only the best quality, brand new components, and you'll get a 90-day warranty on the work. We test phones before we send them back to make sure the cameras are working perfectly.


The iPhone 4 Rear Camera Repair Service from iFixYouri is designed to make getting your smartphone serviced as convenient and affordable as possible. We will pay for shipping when you choose UPS Ground and insure your phone for $100 with our standard service. You can select a faster shipping method or extra insurance for a few dollars more. As soon as you finish checking out, we'll send you a shipping label to print, so you can get your iPhone 4 on its way to us as quickly as possible.


With the iPhone 4 Rear Camera Repair Service from iFixYouri, you can get back to taking photos with your iPhone 4 in record time! Purchase the service now or use the drop down box to get answers to your questions regarding how the service works.

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