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Easy Battery Repair for iPhone 5C

An iPhone 5C battery might have a finite battery life, but a rapidly draining battery a short time after purchase is certainly not normal. If a brand new battery is being exhausted way too soon, it is time to get the battery repaired without further delay. Older batteries can sometimes expand and cause further damage to the device.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Our technicians have years of experience in handling all versions of iPhones, with a great success rate.
  • Premium quality parts are used if there is need for a replacement – our replacement batteries are compatible with iPhone 5C models and accessories.
  • Functionality is restored using advanced technology – we repair the battery and improve efficiency and performance at the same time.
  • We promise a turnaround time of only 24 hours, but it can take a while longer damage is more severe and has spread further.
  • Before the phone is sent back to you, we double-check to verify if our efforts have been successful.
  • There is no extra charge when the iPhone 5C is returned to you, and a tracking number is provided for you to keep tabs on the shipment.

Send us your battery right away to prevent more damage to your iPhone 5C – if you delay, it might corrupt key components and cause permanent problems!

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