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iPhone 5c Plus Front Camera Repair

You often don't appreciate how much you use your phone's front camera until it stops working the way that it should, and unfortunately, the cameras on iPhone smartphones are very susceptible to damage due to their delicate parts. Your phone doesn't have to suffer a major fall or bump to end up with a malfunctioning camera. Ordinary wear and tear can end up breaking a part inside, leaving you with one or more of the following symptoms of front camera problems:

  • The front camera not turning on when you push the icon on the screen
  • The screen going black or freezing when you push the front camera icon
  • Blurry images on the screen when you're trying to line up the shot or dark or blurry photographs
  • The shutter not closing to take a photograph when you push the button on the screen
  • The flash staying on at all times and draining the battery or never turning on even when it's dark

These types of problems can make it impossible for you to fully use your iPhone 5c, and trying to repair them on your own could leave your phone even more damaged. Fortunately, it is possible to get your camera fixed without any hassles by taking advantage of the iPhone 5c Front Camera Repair service from iFixYouri.


The iPhone 5c Front Camera Repair service can have your iPhone fixed in just 24 hours from when it's received. Because we have years of experience fixing iPhone smartphones and have state-of-the-art equipment in our workshops, we're able to diagnose problems far more quickly than other smartphone repair services.


Once we figure out what's wrong, we'll go to work immediately to correct the problem. If replacement parts need to be used to fix your phone, we will select only the best quality parts to use for the repairs, and you'll get a full 90-day warranty on the repairs. Before sending back your phone, we'll put the camera through tests to double check that it's working, so it's guaranteed to arrive working like new.


Taking advantage of our affordable iPhone 5c Front Camera Repair service is easy. Just use the drop down boxes above to make your selections for your preferred shipping method and level of shipping insurance coverage. Click "Add to Cart," and then complete checkout. Within minutes, you'll receive an email with a shipping label that you can print to send your phone to us. Get started now, so you can get back to taking those selfies.

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