iPhone 5c Glass & LCD Repair Service



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iPhone 5c Glass & LCD Repair Service

Are you having any of the following problems:

  • Your iPhone 5c won't register your touch when you tap or scroll?
  • The touch screen on your iPhone 5c works only sometimes?
  • The screen on your iPhone 5c is completely white or black?
  • There are white lines all over your iPhone 5c screen or the image is distorted?
  • You can see a noticeable crack on the screen or the screen is completely shattered?

All of these problems can make it impossible to use your smartphone, and in some cases, it can be difficult to tell just what's wrong. That's because the iPhone 5c screen is made up of three different parts, any or all of which can malfunction or break. The parts are:

  • The Glass. This is the outer covering that you touch when you handle your phone.
  • The Digitizer. Fused to the glass, this part is what allows the touch screen to work. It detects your movements and allows your phone to respond.
  • The LCD Screen. Located beneath the digitizer, this part of the phone displays the graphics.

Fortunately, you don't have to figure out which part of your screen is broken, risk damaging your phone by repairing it yourself or wait for months to get your phone fixed by a repair shop! With our iPhone 5c Glass & LCD Repair Service, our team of technicians at iFixYouri can replace or repair any or all of the parts of your screen in just 24 hours! All replacement parts come with a 90 day warranty. Glass comes with a 1 year warranty (does not include accidental damage)!

Here is what the iPhone 5c Glass & LCD Repair Service involves:

Step One: Purchase

You can purchase the iPhone 5c Glass & LCD Repair Service right here on this screen. The cost shown covers all of the necessary repairs and possible part replacements needed to fix an iPhone 5c glass front, digitizer and LCD. UPS Ground Shipping is free, and you get $100 insurance coverage.

Step Two: Shipping

After you pay, you get an email that has a shipping label for printing. Just put the label on your box and get it on its way to us via UPS.

Step Three: Repairs

Once we receive your phone, we run tests to assess the extent of the damage, and it's exact cause. Then we make the necessary repairs and replace any parts that cannot be repaired with brand new parts.

Step Four: Shipping

After testing your phone to make sure the screen is working, we send it back to you, and send you a confirmation message with a tracking number.

Don't wait another day to get your iPhone 5c on its way to looking and working like new again! Order the iPhone 5c Glass & LCD Repair Service from iFixYouri now.

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