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An iPhone 5s may do a lot of things, but it's first and foremost a phone, and it certainly doesn't do you much good as one if the ear speaker is broken!


If you find yourself constantly having to ask the person on the other end to repeat themselves, you're hearing interference or you can't hear out of the ear speaker at all, you don't have to simply invest in a brand new phone. iFixYouri can figure out what's wrong and get you back to using your ear speaker again.


Water damage, dust, faulty parts, bumps and falls can all cause ear speakers in the iPhone 5s to fail, and there are many components that go into the proper function of the speaker. As a result, advanced expertise is needed to find the root cause of problems related to the ear speaker. Our technicians at iFixYouri have years of experience diagnosing and repairing ear speakers in Apple phones and are up for the job.


We can provide service for your phone no matter what the cause or how long ago you purchased it. Here's how the iPhone 5s Ear Speaker Repair Service works:


1. You purchase the service from us for the price shown above. Shipping via UPS ground with $100 of insurance is provided for free. You can add more protection or choose a faster shipping method for an added fee.


2. Once you have paid for the service, we send you a handy shipping label to print on your package before you drop it off at a UPS shipping center or have it picked up from your location.


3. When we receive your iPhone 5s, our technicians run a battery of tests to determine why your ear speaker is not working properly. One of two things will happen:


- In many cases, the problem with the ear speaker requires only a simple solution that we can complete within 24 hours. We do the work using only the best quality brand new replacement parts backed by a 90-day warranty. Then, we ship your phone back to you and provide you with a tracking number for monitoring.


- Rarely, the problem with the ear speaker is more extensive and will take more labor to complete. If this is the case with your phone, you'll receive a message from us within 24 hours that outlines what steps we need to take to fix your phone and how much it will cost to do the work. You can choose to have us do the repairs, sell your phone to us to use for parts or elect to have us send it back to you without any further work.


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