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iPhone 5s Front Camera Repair

You want to take a selfie but when you push that icon on the screen, the rear camera won't switch off for the front camera to come on.


You have the perfect shot lined up on the screen, but when you try to take a photo with the rear camera nothing happens.


Your front camera is only picking up blurry images or when you take the photo everything is black and blurry looking.


Your front camera flash comes on and stays on forever or it never comes on no matter how dark it is.


If any of these problems sound far too familiar, you have a broken front camera on your hands! The iPhone 5s has a high quality front camera in terms of its technological sophistication, but the technology is far from unbreakable. The front camera on the iPhone 5 is very vulnerable to damage, but it's also simple to fix when you choose the right service. iFixYouri can get any problem with the front camera repaired and can usually get the job done in just 24 hours with our iPhone 5s Plus Front Camera Repair service.


The iPhone 5s Plus Front Camera Repair service is designed to make getting a front camera fixed as simple as possible. With our service, you don't have to spend time deciding what the cheapest way to package your phone is or worry about waiting to get quotes for repairs. We charge one affordable low price for our iPhone 5s Front Camera Repair service, so you know what you're paying before you buy. We pay for you to ship your phone to us via UPS ground, and we don't charge you anything for us to send it back. Once you complete your purchase, you can print out a shipping label to tape onto your shipping carton, and then simply drop your phone off. It's that easy.


Once we receive your iPhone 5s, our team of technicians will use advanced diagnostic equipment to determine just what is wrong with the front camera. We have years of experience repairing problems with iPhone cameras, so we can get to the bottom of the problem and determine the best way to fix it much faster than our competitors. If replacement parts need to be used to get the camera working like new again, we will use only the best ones available, and you'll get a 90-day warranty to ensure your satisfaction. We also thoroughly test phones before we return them to guarantee that the problem is fixed.


Get back to taking selfies that impress your friends! Purchase the iPhone 5s Front Camera Repair service and let us make your iPhone 5s like new again.

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