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It's just less enjoyable to not have your music in your life. We can help with that. With iPhone 5s Headphone Jack Repair Service from iFixYouri, you can get your iPhone fixed and be able to use your headphones once again!


Are you trying to get through your workout without music to keep you moving? Suffering through a workday without being able to listen to your favorite songs? Stuck talking to strangers on the bus because you don't have music thumping in your ear? Stop the madness!


If you're not able to use your headphones with your iPhone 5s, you need to take action and get your phone fixed, and iFixYouri makes it easy to do just that with our iPhone 5s Headphone Jack Repair Service.


With our iPhone 5s Headphone Jack Repair Service, we can determine whether it's your phone or your headphones that's responsible for your problems. Here's how it works:


  1. Determine which inbound and outbound shipping service you prefer. UPS Ground service is free of charge, but you can opt for a faster shipping method if you wish.
  2. Decide if you want to pay for additional insurance; $100 coverage is provided free of charge.
  3. Complete your purchase and check your email for our confirmation message. A shipping label will be attached to the email for you to print and affix to your box.
  4. Send your headphones and iPhone 5s to us via UPS.
  5. Once we receive your shipment, we will test both your smartphone and your headphones to determine whether it's the phone or your iPhone accessories that are to blame for the problem. We use sophisticated diagnostic testing methods to find out what's wrong.
  6. After testing is complete, we will send you an email letting you know what we found.
  7. If the headphone jack simply requires replacement, we will do the work for you and send your items back without charging any additional fees. This can often be done within 24 hours of when we receive your phone. If more extensive repairs are needed, we will explain what they are and why they're necessary. The email will also outline the costs of the additional repairs and how long they will take to complete. You can then decide whether to have the repairs performed or to have us send your phone and headphones back to you.
  8. No matter what the outcome of the testing and repairs, when we return your phone to you, we will provide you with a tracking number for your convenience. We'll also test your device after completing repairs to make sure it's in perfect working order.


There is truly no iPhone 5s headphone problem that we can't solve here at iFixYouri, and because we use only premium replacement parts backed by 1 year warranties, you can be certain you'll be pleased with our work. Get on your way to being able to use your headphones once again by ordering our iPhone 5s Headphone Jack Repair Service now!

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