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iPhone 5s Mic Repair is a Cinch!

You know there is something wrong with the microphone when people complain about being unable to hear your or your voice sounding barely audible, voice commands don’t function, static-like noises, muffled audio recordings etc. Whenever you encounter such situations, the sensible course of action is to send your phone to iFixYouri’s mail-in center.

Here’s what we do:

  • Let our technicians study and determine the root cause of the problem, after which, solutions can be mapped out. We have dealt with numerous iPhone models, so it takes us little time to isolate the issue.
  • Standard wear, broken components, obstruction, corrosive buildups – there are many reasons why a mic may become faulty. Not only do we eliminate the problem, but also check if other parts have been affected or not.
  • We will repair the mic and restore functionality – our technicians have fixed hundreds of iPhones over the years.
  • All replacements are fully compatible with the iPhone 5S – they are of high quality and are perfectly in sync with other components.
  • A warranty is provided for 90 days for all new parts installed, excluding accidental damage.
  • Unless the damage has spread to other parts, the turnaround time for repairs is 24 hours only.

We perform a thorough check to verify if our efforts are successful before sending the smartphone back. There are no additional charges when we mail the phone to you – a tracking ID is available so you know the status of the shipment at all times, until it is safely delivered.

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