iPhone 6 Rear Camera Repair



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iPhone 6 Rear Camera Repair

With the innovative rear camera on the iPhone 6, it's possible to take professional quality photographs with nothing but your smartphone, but those sophisticated parts can become damaged or broken rather easily. Signs of a broken iPhone 6 camera include:


- Inability to take photos with the rear camera - Completely black images or images that are fuzzy or blurry - LED light beside the camera constantly shining or not coming on in dark places - Shutter over the rear camera fails to open, only opens partway or stays open all the time


These problems can arise due to even a minor bump or fall, but it's possible to solve any of them with the iPhone 6 Rear Camera Repair from iFixYouri. Unlike the Apple store, we will repair your iPhone 6 rear camera no matter how it broke. Your phone doesn't have to be covered by a service plan or warranty to take advantage of our repair service either.


Here's how the iPhone 6 Rear Camera Repair Service works:


  1. You purchase the service using our secure online website.
  2. We email you a shipping label for you to print and place on your shipping container.
  3. You send the phone to us using the UPS shipping method that you prefer.
  4. We receive your phone and troubleshoot and repair it within 24 hours.
  5. We re-package your phone and send it back to you using the UPS shipping method that you prefer. You get a tracking number for the shipment via email.
  6. You receive your repaired iPhone 6 and can begin using it right away!


With the iPhone 6 Rear Camera Repair Service, you won't have to pay a thing to ship your phone to us if you choose to send it via UPS Ground. Faster shipping methods are also available for a small additional charge. The drop down boxes above let you select your preferred shipping method. We place $100 insurance coverage on your package at no additional fee, and you can select more insurance with the drop down box above.


Choosing to repair your iPhone 6 rear camera costs a fraction of what you would spend to purchase a brand new iPhone 6. You can count on our technicians to solve the problem correctly the first time, as our entire team is highly trained and very experienced with repairing iPhone cameras.


Get your iPhone 6 camera restored to perfect working order! Order the iPhone 6 Rear Camera Repair Service now with the order form above, or use the form below to send us a message with any questions you may have.

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