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There’s no need to buy a new phone just because your battery is not holding charge like it once did. Our battery repair service is a quick, affordable way for you to get back to texting, gaming, and watching videos!

The iPhone 6S Plus has a great battery with a long life, but such a powerful battery can have issues. It’s possible that the battery can fail even if you take good care of your device. Your iPhone 6S Plus battery needs replacement if:

  • The phone requires more and more frequent charging
  • The battery never reaches full capacity even after long charging sessions
  • The battery doesn't charge at all

iPhone 6S batteries can be replaced, but if you try the repair yourself you are running the risk of damaging internal components. You should let a team of qualified repair technicians handle it for you, such as iFixYouri.

With this service, you send your iPhone 6S Plus to iFixYouri via the UPS shipping method of your choosing. If you opt for standard UPS Ground, we'll pay for the entire cost of shipping and even throw in $100 insurance. Faster shipping and extra insurance coverage can be added with the drop-down box above.

After checkout, you'll get a confirmation with a UPS shipping label. After your phone arrives at our repair center, we do diagnostic tests to confirm that the battery is the sole problem. Our battery replacements are brand new and top quality, and put in your phone within 24 hours. All replacement parts include a 90-day warranty which covers all but accidental damage. Outgoing tests are performed to ensure that your phone is 100% functional. After the repairs are complete, we'll send you a tracking number and ship your iPhone 6S Plus back to you, ready to hold a charge like the day you bought it!

Type any questions into the box below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can reach us at 888-494-4349 or support@ifixyouri.com

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