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iPhone 6s Plus Headphone Jack Repair

Malfunctioning headphone jacks are a big problem! Not only does it interfere in your morning run as you are habituated to listening to music during that time, but it also doesn’t come in handy when you want to tune out the outside world and be in your own space. If you notice discrepancies in sounds on the iPhone 6s Plus headphones, it is time for some serious repair work.

This is what we offer:

  • Your device will go through a full diagnostic – it needs to be scrutinized thoroughly before any repair or replacements are suggested.
  • We have dealt with hundreds of iPhones, so we guarantee top-notch customer service with your interests in mind.
  • After test the headphone jack and other possible problems, feasible solutions are drawn up for repairs or replacement of the jack. If another problem is found, we provide a detailed breakdown of projected costs for your convenience – just look them over and get back to us if you have questions.
  • We understand that iPhone 6s Plus parts are delicate and need to be handled with care, so we order high quality components that are compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus and related accessories.
  • After our work is done, we will send back the headphone with no additional costs. Furthermore a tracking number is provided so you know exactly when to expect the delivery.
  • We guarantee a super-fast turnaround time after assessing the damage and number hours it will take to repair.

We proudly stand by our work – all headphone jacks repaired by us will function just as they did before, so you can continue enjoying music in your private space. For more details regarding our services, kindly get in touch with us via phone or email.

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