iPhone 6s Plus Water Damage Repair Service



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iPhone 6s Plus Water Damage Repair Service


Oops! Did your iPhone 6s Plus slip into the bath tub? Or did you accidentally knock over a glass of water on it? It is normal for smartphones to malfunction due to water seeping inside, which is why you should waste no time in mailing us your phone, as we provide specialized services to combat water damage for iPhone 6s Plus models.


How does it work? Here goes:

  • There is no initial charge when you ship your phone to our mail-in service center – Click the “Add to Cart” button and follow checkout instructions accordingly.
  • On receiving your package, we run a routine diagnostic test to find out the degree of damage to your hardware – based on the result, we present you with a repair quote, which you are free to accept or reject. If you choose the latter, we return the phone via mail, with no repair charges*.
  • The iPhone 6s Plus is a delicate smartphone, so it should be handled carefully – rest assured our technicians have years of experience under their belt, and have a great success rate for repairing numerous iPhone models.
  • Advanced technology and equipment is used for repairs, such as removing corrosive deposits, minerals, dirt, or dust that might have damaged internal circuits.
  • Only high quality parts are used if phone components need replacement – we ensure they are compatible with iPhone 6s Plus models.
  • We are extremely thorough with our work – not only do we provide a 1 year warranty, but your phone is dispatched only after we have double-checked that it is working perfectly.
  • A tracking number is provided for your convenience after the shipment leaves our facility.

Don’t wait for water damage indicators in your iPhone 6s Plus to turn pink or try to fix it yourself – send us your phone ASAP if it has taken a nasty spill in the toilet, pool, or washing machine. If we are unable to save your water damaged iPhone we will offer to purchase it or we can return to you*. 


*NOTE: If you decline repairs for diagnostic or water damage treatment or your device is deemed non-repairable, you will be responsible for shipping and handling.


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