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Dog filter? Flower crown? Or maybe the classic big-eyes-vomiting-a-rainbow? The iPhone’s crystal-clear 7MP front camera might be the most-used feature on your phone. It can be devastating if it stops working properly. Symptoms of damage can include:


  • Inability to take photos with the front camera
  • Images that are fuzzy or blurry or completely black
  • Shutter over the front camera fails to open, only opens part way, or stays open all the time


Damage usually occurs after a hard drop onto the top corner, but it’s nothing our technicians can’t handle. We’ll actually repair your phone, unlike the Apple store. Our expert techs carefully replace the broken camera with a working part, then do a complete test of the phone’s functions (they’re expert selfie-takers, trust us) to make sure everything’s in working order before sending it back. You don’t need a service plan or warranty to take advantage of our repairs. We’ll get you snapping away in no time.


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