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You wrote your lyrics while waiting for the bus. Gave your friend’s cousin’s neighbor $50 to make you a sick beat. Recorded yourself rapping into your laptop microphone. Collectively, it took dozens of hours for you to make your mixtape. But you can’t play it for every customer at work if your iPhone 7 Plus loudspeaker is busted!


Don't try to fix it yourself. Without experience, there are a lot of hurdles to overcome for this repair. iFixYouri has been repairing iPhone loudspeakers since the first generation iPhone. We use the highest quality parts in our repairs to guarantee the best results.


We make sending your iPhone 7 Plus away for repairs as easy as possible. When you buy any iPhone 7 Plus repair service, we include free UPS Ground Shipping and $100 of insurance. Want to speed up the repair? You can rush shipping for a little extra charge.


With iFixYouri, you won’t have to let a bad loudspeaker prevent you from playing your "fire" mixtape to everyone who happens to be in the room. Get the job done right the first time. Word.

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