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Your iPhone’s microphone is pretty important. When it breaks, your phone stops being...well...a phone. Just a shiny brick. Having an issue with your iPhone 7 Plus microphone?

  • Inability to use voice prompts properly
  • Siri no longer understanding your questions or commands
  • Poor sound quality on the receiving end of your phone calls (“Can you repeat that?” “What? Speak louder”)
  • Low quality audio tracks on video recordings with sound coming in and out or sounding like static

Microphone issues are usually a symptom of water damage, so it's important to get your iPhone looked at right away. If that’s the case, moisture can cause corrosion and further damage to your device.


At iFixYouri, we receive your phone and fix it within 24 hours. Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to determine what's wrong with the microphone. Then, they repair any problems using premium parts, all with 90-day warranties. Then, your phone is tested to ensure that the microphone, and everything else, is in perfect working order. When we send it back, you’ll get an email with a tracking number to let you know that it's on the way.

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