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Ah, the iPhone 7 Plus power button. Weird that it only does one thing, this day and age. I mean, who would even want to turn off such a large, glorious display? But sometimes, in the case that you find yourself needing to, you can’t, and it presents a huge problem. Or maybe you can’t turn it on, and you’ve already replaced the battery. We’re here to help.


Sometimes, the button starts to get stuck before breaking all the way. Don’t wait for the power button to completely stop working before taking action; it’s a quick fix.


We’ll take your iPhone 7 Plus and hand it off to our expert technicians, and they’ll determine the cause of malfunction. This can vary from physical damage to water seepage and internal obstructions – we conduct thorough testing to identify the problem.


We’ll provide you with a quote if there are any other recommended repairs other than the power button, like water damage. All repairs and replacements are mentioned, so you can take an informed decision about our offer. Just want the 7 Plus power button replaced? We’ll do that for you.


Our turnaround time for minor repairs is 24 hours. To ensure all issues are fixed, we will test the power button, and the entire phone, before sending it back.


A tracking ID is activated the moment your phone leaves our facility, so you can view the delivery date and status online.

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