iPod Touch 4th Generation Water Damage Repair Service



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iPod Touch 4th Gen Water Damage Repair Service

Don't let a drop in the sink or pool be the downfall of your iPod Touch. We've repaired thousands of devices that haven't taken an unwanted swim or drink. Our team of experts will run a thorough diagnostic on your device to find all the issues that may have arisen from your device getting dunked. We will send you a full report on what we find, and a price quote for the repair or repairs needed.


All of our replacement parts are the highest quality and come with a 90 day warranty that covers everything but accidental damage. Our customer service hotline is always available at 888-494-4349 to answer any questions you may have about your device or this service.


If your iPod Touch 4th Gen has suffered some liquid damage or been totally immersed, don't delay with this service. Often times, devices can function after being dried off, but any liquid that penetrates into the interior components can cause further corrosion and damage down the road.

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